KineMaster APK Download - Latest Version

KineMaster APK Download - Latest Version

KineMaster APK: Hi friends, welcome to our blog. In this article, we will provide full details about one of the best video editing application called KineMaster. Do you want to download KineMaster on your android? Then you are here in the correct place, here you will get more information about KineMaster and also you will know about how to use KineMaster? Read this article completely to know more updates on KineMaster video editor app.

About KineMaster APK:

KineMaster APK Download

KineMastere is one of the most and very powerful tools for video editing application on android. It supports multilayer of video, audio, Images, and text. Using KineMaster APK you can edit trimming, cutting, framing, and you have multi-track audio, volume control etc. You can make your own video and edit your photos as a video using KineMaster. The KineMaster provides lots of features and also available on the pro version. The KineMaster APK free version is some limited features and Made with KineMaster watermark for all the videos. So you can download KineMaster pro version without watermark. Initially, KineMaster is available only on Android but now it’s available an all the platforms. You can download KineMaster APK format and installed on your devices.

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Features of KineMaster APK:

Before downloading KineMaster APK on your device just know about the features of KineMaster. There are lots of features available in KineMaster. The best features of KineMaster which are listed below. 
  1. It is the best video editor application for android, ios and pc version.
  2. The KineMaster APK is completely free to download. So you can easily download and install KineMaster on your android device.
  3. It provides lots of image edit options. So you can edit your stills as videos and also edit your background of the image.
  4. You can download background images using KineMaster APK and edit your photos more attractively.
  5. Also, you can change your background on your videos and use chroma key.
  6. The chroma key very helps to edit your videos and images more attractive. The chroma key is available on the KineMaster Pro version.
  7. You can also edit your videos and images on the internet using this KineMaster video editor app.
  8. Download green background effects from the KineMaster store. 
  9. You can also edit your images on KineMaster free version with some limited features.
  10. Download more effects, free music, over layers, stickers and more from the KineMaster asset store.
  11. You edit precise frame-by-frame trimming on your videos. So your video is more accuracy and you can extend your video timing.
  12. The KineMaster APK provides video control and audio control options. So you can change audio for your convenience. 
  13. There is lots of animation style. You can edit your video and images with a 3D transition.
  14. You can edit saturation, brightness and hue for images and videos also instant preview option is available on KineMaster APK.
  15. KineMaster provides multi-layer videos and audios. So you can edit any format of videos and audios.


The KineMaster requires access to your phone storage to save projects. Als,o it requires access to your camera and microphone if you want to record any audio and video files directly in the app.

Supported formats:

KineMaster APK Download

.MP4, .3GP, .MOV - Video formats.
.MP3, .M4A, .AAC – Audio formats.
.JPEG, .PNG, .WebP, .GIF- Image formats.

Export video format:

.MP4 with H.264+AAC LC

If you want to use above all the features, then you update your kinemaster video editor app. The KineMaster pro version provides more features for professional video editors and filmmakers. You can download KineMaster free version with some limited features and “Made with KineMaster” watermark for all the videos.

How to download KineMaster APK:

It is one of the best video editing application on both Android and pc users. The KineMaster is available on the Google Play store for free of cost. You can easily download and install on your device. Here we guide you to download KineMaster on APK format. It is very simple steps to download KineMaster APK. 
  1. First, download KineMaster APK file from any official website or click the below link.
  2. Once you download KineMaster APK file just installed it.
  3. Before installing KineMaster APK on your device you should make some changes to your device.
  4. Go to Settings- General Settings- Device Management – Profile ->and turn on an unknown source.
  5. Now your device is ready to install unknown apps.
  6. Just install KineMaster APK on your device and complete the registration process.
  7. Finlay, the KineMaster app is installed on your device and enjoys its features.
We hope this article helps you get details about KineMaster APK and how to download KineMaster APK? If you have any struggle to download KineMaster APK on your device just ask free on the comment box. We will give the best solution as soon as possible. Keep in touch to know more updates on KineMaster video editor app.

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