How To Add Blur Video Effect In Kinemaster (100% Working)

How To Add Blur Video Effect In Kinemaster (100% Working)

KineMaster is a best application for video editing. It is available for Android and iOS devices. This app has all the necessary tools that can be used to edit anything ranging from a simple travel video to short film. KineMaster is a full-fledged video editing application. It is developed by Nexstreaming crop. KineMaster provides lots of features which helps to create high quality video by users. You can edit easily your videos, add layers, sound and a lot of effects like overlays, speed control, reverse and mirroring even with free version. Users create high quality video by using this video editing application. 
How To Add Blur Video Effect In Kinemaster
How To Add Blur Video Effect In Kinemaster 

It supports multiple layer of videos, audeios, images, texts, handwriting and more. This application also provides the adjustment tools for editing purpose. 

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About Kinemaster Premium : 

They can share their videos on social media like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Facebook etc. Also journalists, educators, marketers use this app professionally for their work. If you subscribe to KineMaster premium option, you can easily remove the watermark and you can get access to over a thousand Premium asset in the KineMaster Asset Store. Some of the features of KineMaster are speed control, effects, themes, adjustments, Multiple layers, audio filter, frame-by-frame trimming, social media sharing, animation, transition effects, real-time recording etc. In this post, we are going to see about how to add blur video effect in KineMaster.

How To Add Blur Video Effect In Kinemaster :

  • First open the KineMaster on your Android device.
  • Next, you will import one clip from your device.
Effect  Button
Effect  Button
  • Click the layers and select the effect option. In that option you can click the basic effect.
Click Basic Effects Button
Click Basic Effects Button
  • In that basic effects, you will select Gaussian blur and apply the Gaussian blur effect for your video.
A Gaussian blur effect for your video.
  • Now, Gaussian blur option is totally applied on that video. Wherever you want the particular blur effect, you can scale the region and apply the blur video effect to that particular region.
 Shapes has several geometrical shapes
  • And you can also fix the strength level of the blur effect for your video.
  • Click the cropping option and select the mask option. Mask provides shapes for that particular blur effect. Shapes has several geometrical shapes and several patterns. Using the mask, you can fix the shapes for the particular blur region
  • For example: you can apply circle shape on that region, so that the particular region is blurred in a circle shape.
  • Also in cropping option you select the mask option, you can fix the feather level of the particular region and the edges of the particular region gets neatly feathered for your video.
Trim Cropping
Trim Cropping 
  • You can also apply the animation for that particular region on your video. 
Blur effect on your video
Blur effect on your video
  • Finally, you can successfully add the blur effect on your video.


Finally you can get some idea about how to add blur video effect in KineMaster. We hope the above post is very useful to you know more details about how to add blur video effect in KineMaster. You can download and use this app to create an amazing video for your work. Share this above post with your friends and family. Keep in touch with us for more updates. Thank you for reading my post.

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